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Facebook covers are a way to set yourself or your business apart from the crowd. It is the first and most noticeable element visitors will notice when they visit your Facebook Page. That means your Facebook Cover must be something that can evoke your business in one visual element. That isn’t easy! Luckily, we are here to give you some pointers and help you understand the best way to handle creating your own Facebook Cover Art.

Below is my Facebook cover best practice!

  • Match Your Business

First, make sure that the Facebook cover colors and theme don’t clash with what your business is. Don’t try to reinvent yourself too much. Be fun, be creative, but still remain true to what drove customers to your business in the first place. Here’s some inspiration for a trainer’s or gym class’ page. It does a good job of getting the audience to understand everything this is about with one look.

FREE Photo  editor tool

  • Add Your Photograph

In this cover, every picture works together to give you a feeling that this is all the same journey, but these photos are all unique enough that you know they span 4 very distinct areas. The audience can easily feel your love and passion for your business.

FaceBook Banner edit Blog

FaceBook Banner edit Blog

FREE Photo  editor tool


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